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I just want to say thank you for your great support.
The service you offer our customers is great.
I think you had only happy customers and the feedback you got was always positive.
I hope we can work with you also next winter.

Michael Reinbold, BMW-Welt, Munich


I picked up my new 335i mid November, 2007 in Munich and drove right to John's garage for my previously arranged Winter Treads. I had no problem finding the garage, thanks to John's expert directions. I found the tire rental service a welcome opportunity, extremely efficient, and most useful especially considering that it rained/snowed the entire time I was in Europe. I would encourage all those concerned about weather issues when traveling to utilize John's unique and user-friendly program.
Michael McHale, New York

I took European delivery of my 328i Coupe on December 13. We drove from Munich to Salzburg to Vienna to Prague and back to Munich. Thankfully, we replaced my summer sport ties with winter tires at Reifen Buchler, especially considering that we drove through snow on a few days. It was a short drive to Reifen Buchler from BMW and the whole process of removing my summer tires and replacing them with winter tires took only about 10-15 minutes. They were nice enough to stay late for me as well. Putting my summer tires back on at the end of trip was just as easy. It was a pleasure working with both John Lance and Julia Buchler and I highly recommend using their service for anyone picking up a car in Europe during potentially inclement months.
Aaron, Alexandria, Virginia

More people should consider taking winter delivery, because this trip was great fun. Annette went the extra mile to make the process easy and painless, the services provided were perfect for my needs, the tire swaps were fast, and I enjoyed many kilometers of high speed driving on the Autobahn. Without question, edwintertires.com is the best service of its kind.
Doug Cannon, Bucks County, Pennsylvania

I would like to thank you and your staff for the fast, friendly, service we received while we were touring Germany. After the European Delivery of our BMW we drove straight to your shop (great directions), and we were on our way again in 20 minutes. The prior arrangements and payment we made over the internet worked flawlessly and the quick turnaround in your shop was most impressive. The tires and rims provided were first class and much appreciated when we were in ice and snow conditions. Returning the tires was just as easy, and maybe even a little quicker than the pick-up!
Thanks again for providing a quality service.

Dave, Merritt Island, Florida

If you plan to rent winter tires edwintertires.com you will have the pleasure of meeting Annette. She went above and beyond giving us suggestions were to visit and even had us follow her to two different cafes (the first was closed) when we were looking for a place to eat. Sarosh J. Havewala
Thank you, ED Winter Tires, for a great service! At first I was considering going without winter tires, but was I ever happy that I opted for them. The tires held fast to the frozen autobahn and snowy Swiss mountain roads, providing my wife and I piece of mind throughout our trip. And the reservation process was seamless and easy. Thanks again!

Michael Lanin
Scottsdale, AZ

We took delivery of my 535i in December 2007.  Although the weather was quite nice when we arrived at Munich, I opted to rent winter tires because I was not comfortable driving to the Alps with the installed summer tires.  That turns out to be a wise decision, as the roads were quite icy and the winter tires really held well.  The tires were nice looking and gave me the peace of mind to drive my new car with confidence.John's prompt online support was friendly and helpful.  He even help planned some of our itinerary as I had questions about expected travel times and schedules.  Meeting Annette at the garage was also very pleasurable.  She is a great with helpful travel advice and gave us directions to find an outlet store that my wife wanted to visit.  The tire swap service was prompt and courteous.  Highly recommended!
William, California

I took delivery of a 335XI in early December, 2007 and because my car came equipped with summer sport tires I decided to rent winter tires and wheels from edwintertires.com. The process not only gave peace of mind for travelling through Germany and Austria in December but also couldn't have been much easier. John responded to my email on a Saturday within a couple of hours and very quickly I had confirmation for my rental. Upon arriving in Germany and picking up my car at the Welt I called Annette and she met me at the garage. I wish I could find service this good in the US as I was in and out in less than 30 minutes with recommendations on sites to see from Annette as an added bonus. The wheels and tires were the correct type for my car and I had no trouble with the pressure sensors (the winter wheels also had pressure sensors). In addition, the return trip was just as easy and the whole process was very quick and painless. I would certainly use the service again.
Stan Sutula, Brookfield, Connecticut.

I want to offer my thanks for the service that you provided.  Installing the winter tires was a quick and painless process.  The people there even walked to the BMW dealership across the street to help me get more double-sided sticky tape for my front license plate because it was falling off.  They were extremely nice. I have to give additional props to Annette, she was a joy to talk to.  I think we talked for 30-45 minutes at the facility just to learn more about the culture in Germany.  She is absolutely wonderful. I did hit some ice on the roads, thankfully nothing bad happened.  When it started snowing heavily in Salzburg, I knew that I could drive with confidence. Thanks so much,
David, Lake Forest, CA

Annette was great, she helped me get set up with winter tires even though I missed my appointment my previous day.  She went over all the paperwork for me and recommended some great places to go while I waited for my tires to get put on.  Even though there was a language barrier she told me the shop would know what to do if I just hand them the paperwork when it was time for me to drop the car off.  On dropoff day I merely gave them the paperwork and they knew exactly what to do.  It was a very pleasant experience actually and my only regret is that I was not able to thank Annette personally.
Scott Maccombie, Jonesboro, Georgia

My wife and I took delivery of our ’09 335i coupe at the Welt on January 26.  After touring the BMW facilities for much of the day, we headed over to the auto shop to have the winter tires put on.  When I got there, Annette was waiting and the entire transaction was extremely painless.  We had pre-paid via paypal and no payment was due at that time.  She simply instructed the shop technicians to begin installing the tires (which was done very quickly) and went over the paperwork with us.  She also took the time to ask about our trip and give pointers even though she had a meeting to run to only 15 minutes later.  The tires and wheels performed nicely, and looked pretty nice too; I think they were Rial brand wheels.  Very nice that I was able to get plenty of shots of my car in the beautiful European scenery and didn’t have to do it with ugly steel wheels!  About 30 mins later we were on our way after Annette showed us how to calibrate the TPM sensors through idrive.  Although there wasn’t much snow we encountered, the winter tires were nice to have for the colder temperature areas, since the stock summer tires are a much harder compound and don’t grip effectively with road temps in the 30s and 40s (even if dry).  I sent John and Annette an email to let them know when I would be arriving to return the tires, and again Annette was at the shop waiting for me, even though we were running 15-20 minutes late.  I had only 45 minutes to get the tires swapped, get the car washed at a good car wash, then drop it off with E.H. Harms in Garching.  Annette recognized that this would be tight since traffic was unusually bad (on account of the Munich mass transit system operator strike), and phoned ahead to Harms to ensure someone would be there for me even though I would be running late.  I ended up 15 minutes late but they were still there because Annette had called ahead for me.  She also pointed me to a car wash suitable for a new car that was easily the best autowash I’d ever been to – it was at an Allguth about 10 minutes away.  For 6 Euro it did a fantastic job.  If only we had such nice washes here in the states.  Overall my experience with ED Winter Tires was excellent, and though we didn’t really hit any snow, I feel it was money well spent on insurance for the trip.  I highly recommend John and Annette to anyone considering a winter trip to Europe.
Chris Campbell, Forest Hill, MD

John Lance's ED Winter Tire program was efficient and effortless from the initial ordering through to the return of the tires. Picked up a new BMW 135 convertible on Dec. 23, 2008 to enjoy the Christmas holiday in Munich, Salzburg, and the Bavarian Alps. Leaving the Welt we stopped by our hotel where the front desk staff called John's able assistant Annette. Annette was there when we arrived at the garage. In the 15 minutes it took to switch tires Annette went over the paper work and then provided excellent suggestions for things to do with our duaghter, along on this trip, and places to eat. Annette also gave us everything we needed for our return. A week later we arrived at the garage, only a few minutes drive from Virkase (BMW Munich drop-off), and had the tires switched back in about 5 minutes. Our trip was great and we were especially glad we had the winter tires as we made our way from Salzburg through the Alps in the middle of a snow storm.
Greg Smith

Ruth and I purchased the first BMW 135i that would be imported into the United States.  Our sealer, Zimbrick of Madison, WI suggested we take delivery in Europe.  Of course we jumped at the chance and our car would be finished and ready for us on January 8th, 2009.  We booked the Alpine Adventure so Chad Wegner, our Client Advisor, suggested we rent tires from Ed Winter Tires due to the time of year traveling to the Alps in Switzerland.  A couple of e-mails and a transfer of funds, we had everything set for a wonderful vacation.  We took delivery on January 8th, and on the 9th, we found our way to John’s by the great Navigation system.  Annette Wagner was extremely nice and went over all of the paperwork as the tires were being installed on the 135i.  The process of returning the tires to Ed Winter Tires was just as easy. I would recommend if you take winter delivery, you should check into the service you receive at Ed Winter Tires!
Larry & Ruth Bishop, Freeport, IL

Thanks Annette for all the good service and advice. You are an excellent ambassador for BMW for the tire exchange program-made-easy!


John & Candy
Hemet, CA

Just wanted to thank you and especially Annette for a smooth and efficient process with the tires on our 335d. Annette is wonderful and a great asset to your business. We met her Wednesday morning and everything was in order and ready to go. We were in and out in 20 minutes. Our return on Saturday was just as efficient. The car handled great with the tires.
We look forward to our next ED and will not hesitate to use your services again. Be assured that we will recommend you to our friends considering a winter ED.

Dennis Pelletier
Carrollton, TX

We had very heavy snow in Munich when we landed and could not drive the car to the tire depot due to snow accumulation so she actually brought the tires to the BMW Welt center for them to mount them. Through the whole pick-up and drop-off process for the tire she was incredibly knowledgeable, professional and really made those stressful snow days great for my wife and I. I think she is a great representative for your business in Munich and overall I think the service you provide with this program is well deserving of the BMW brand name – thank you!
Vedran Miletic
Cincinnati, Ohio

“His services are outstanding. I returned my winter tires today, and his staff was quick, efficient, and very friendly. We all had a laugh about my inability to "top her out" due to the inclement weather”.
I give them
Aggie, Atlanta, Georgia