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Late Availability


Automobile Type   Initial 2 Days Total Cost Each Additional Part or Full Day Excess Miles Driven
    (incl. 700 miles) (incl. 350 miles / day) Charged At
BMW 1-series Check Availability 235 27 0.09/mile
BMW 2-series Check Availability 245 28 0.09/mile
BMW 3-series Check Availability 250 29 0.10/mile
BMW 4-series Check Availability 250 29 0.10/mile
BMW 5-series Check Availability 315 34 0.11/mile
BMW 5-series GT Check Availability 450 52 0.15/mile
BMW 6-series Check Availability 385 45 0.13/mile
BMW 7-series Check Availability 435 49 0.15/mile
BMW 750i Check Availability 450 52 0.15/mile
BMW 1-M Check Availability 285 32 0.11/mile
BMW M2 Check Availability 300 33 0.11/mile
BMW M3 Check Availability 300 33 0.11/mile
BMW M4 Check Availability 300 33 0.11/mile
BMW M5 Check Availability 480 55 0.18/mile
BMW M6 Check Availability 480 55 0.18/mile
BMW X1 Check Availability 285 32 0.11/mile
BMW X3 Check Availability 365 35 0.12/mile
BMW Z4 Check Availability 300 33 0.11/mile

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BMW Welt Comfort Delivery Option*   


LOG IN OUT Comfort Drop-off Option**   100
Ismaning *** Tire Depot Stop-Off
to remount your original equipment (default)
Ismaning *** Tire Depot Drop-off  


Ismaning Hotel Drop-off Option   75
Munich Airport / Airport Hotel Drop-off Option   100    
Frankfurt Drop-off Option****   325    
* Wheels with Winter tires are normally mounted at our tire depot in Ismaning, following the delivery to you of your vehicle at BMW Welt. This Winter, however, all of our Winter tires are being mounted at BMW Welt so that they are already pre-mounted on your vehicle when you take delivery of it. Your original equipment is then taken to and stored at our tire depot in Ismaning. It is not possible to re-mount your original equipment at BMW Welt.

** Log In Out is the BMW-appointed Drop-off agency in Munich. They re-deliver your vehicle to you in North America. You can, if you wish, just drop your car off there and they will liaise with us to have your car taken to our tire depot in Ismaning for the re-mounting of your original wheels & tires.

*** Ismaning is the town (in N.E Munich, between Central Munich and Munich Airport) where our tire depot is located and to where all our rented wheels & Winter tires need to eventually be returned. It is where your original wheels & tires are stored while you are using ours. You need to stop-by our depot before dropping your car off at Log in Out at Munich Airport in order to have your original wheels & tires re-mounted onto your car. If your departure from Munich is over a weekend or public holiday, or you are in a hurry and don't have the time to wait at our depot while your own equipment is re-mounted, then you can drop off your car at our tire depot, at your hotel or at Munich Airport for the supplements shown. We will have your original equipment re-mounted at our depot and then take your car to Log In Out, the BMW European Delivery Drop-off agency at Munich Airport.

**** If you are taking your car to the Frankfurt Drop-off agency (instead of the one at Munich Airport) you can have your original wheels and tires delivered to a tire depot near there for re-mounting. We then collect our Winter tires from the the depot ourselves or they have them transported back to us.


All rentals are calculated by the day from the day of collection (or your vehicle's delivery date if you choose the BMW Welt fitting option) till the day your original equipment is re-mounted at our depot. Part-days are charged at the same daily rate (for example, collecting any time on Monday 1st and returning any time on Friday 5th is a 5-day rental).

Rentals beginning on a Saturday are only possible with the BMW Welt Delivery Option. Rentals cannot begin on a Sunday or a public holiday*. Rentals cannot end on a Saturday, Sunday or a public holiday and the rental will need to finish either the previous day or else extend till the next working day. Weekend and public holiday vehicle drop-offs can be arranged at a supplement, in which case can collect your car from your hotel or Log in Out, have your original equipment re-mounted on the next working day and take your car that same day to Log in Out on your behalf.

*Public holidays in Bavaria: October 3, November 1, December 25 & 26, January 1 & 6, March 3 & 4, April 18 & 21, May 1


De-mounting your original wheels & tires & mounting of the rental equipment  
Rental of 4 alloy wheels & 4 run-flat Winter-tires fitted with BMW tire pressure monitors  
Secure storage of your original wheels & tires for the duration of the rental  
De-mounting of the rental equipment & re-mounting of your original wheels & tires  
Local assistance of ED Services representative
All wheel & tire rentals are subject to availability