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Late Availability

Q What is the procedure for reserving Winter tires?
A Advance reservations are required for all Winter-tire rentals and should be made using the on-line booking form. The form requires you to provide your name, home address, email address, phone number, type of BMW you are buying, its production number and of course the dates for which you want to reserve the Winter tires. Check the box if you want the comfort drop-off option of leaving your car at the Munich Airport drop-off center instead of coming by our tire depot first and then finally check the box that you have read and understand the terms and conditions and submit the form. A provisional confirmation will then be sent to you within 24 hours, providing full details of your booking. Shortly after, a Paypal Payment Request will be sent to you. Following receipt of your payment, you receive a full confirmation and all is set!

Q Where are the Winter tires put onto my car and where are my originals re-mounted?
A The wheels & Winter tires are mounted at BMW Welt prior to your taking delivery of your car there (included in the rental cost) and your originals are stored and then re-mounted onto your car at our tire depot in Ismaning (NE Munich) when you stop by there at the end of your stay (unless you are dropping your car off in another city).

Q How is the duration of my rental calculated?
A All rentals are calculated by the day or part-day from the day you take delivery of your car at BMW Welt till the day your original equipment is re-mounted. Part-days are charged at the same daily rate (for example, taking delivery of your car on Monday, 1st and returning any time on Friday 5th is a 5-day rental).

Q What is the procedure for changing the wheels & tires?
A The wheels with Winter tires will already be mounted when you take delivery of your vehicle at BMWWelt. Your original equipment is stored at our tire depot till you return with your car at the end of your European driving tour. When you return to the tire depot to have your original equipment re-mounted, no appointment is necessary - just turn up during business hours and the staff at the depot will assist you.

Q How much extra does the mounting and storage cost?
A No extra (unless you choose the comfort drop-off option, see below), the cost of changing the wheels over and the storage of your own equipment at our depot is included in the rental cost.

Q How long do I have to wait at your depot to have my own wheels & tires re-mounted?
A Normally, changing over a set of wheels is done in a few minutes. Provided there are not several cars waiting at the same time, you should be in and out of our depot within 25-30 minutes. The wait could be longer at the beginning of the season, ie during October & November.

Q Where is the your tire depot located?
A Next to BMW Spaet, in Ismaning - a town on the North-East side of Munich and just 5 km off the Garching-Sud exit (71) of the A9 Munich-Nurnberg Autobahn. From BMW Welt (where you collect your vehicle) it is only about a 10-15 minutes' drive. From the tire depot to "Log In Out" at Munich Airport (where you drop off your car for its onward delivery to the USA) it is an easy 15-minute drive.

Q What if the road conditions are too Wintry to drive without Winter tires from your depot to the Drop-Off agency?
A If that situation arises, your car can remain at our depot and then taken by us to the drop-off agency as soon as the road conditions allow it.

Q How new are the tires?
A The Winter tires fitted to your car may be brand new or may have been used by other BMW drivers. The life of a Winter tire usually ranges between 18,000 and 25,000 miles, depending on the road conditions it has been driven on. All of our Winter tires, however, are removed from the rental program once they have been driven about 15,000 miles, or earlier if there is evident excess wear and tear. The exact usage of our tires is carefully logged and personally certified by each renter at the end of each rental period.

Q Can I extend a rental period from that already booked?
A Normally, yes, by telephoning us during your vacation, although the option will depend upon the availability of that particular set of tires.

Q. Should I consider buying Winter tires and then ship them to the USA?
A The price of a set of wheels & Winter tires in Europe is much higher than in the USA and the shipping costs of about $600 do not make it worthwhile.

Q How do I make payment for renting your Winter tires?
A Payments are made via Paypal (A Paypal Payment Request is sent to you with you provisional confirmation).

Q When is the payment required?
A Payment is requested when your provisional confirmation is sent to you. Reservations are not fully confirmed till the payment has been received.

Q Is there any refund if I cancel or return my tires earlier than agreed?
A We are sorry but all Winter tire rentals are non-refundable.

Q What are the opening times at the depot?
A Monday - Thursday: 8 a.m. till 12.00 noon, 1 p.m till 5.30 p.m.
Friday: 8 a.m. till 12.00 noon, 1 p.m till 4 p.m.
Saturday, Sunday & official holidays: Closed.

Q If I drop off my vehicle at the Log In Out Agency at Munich Airport without first going to the tire depot, how does my original equipment get re-mounted onto my vehicle?
A Log In Out will liaise with us and your car will be driven to our depot in order to have your original equipment re-mounted. Your car is then immediately taken back to Log In Out (supplement 100 Eur).

Q Which procedure is available to me if I am flying home over a weekend, on a public holiday or early in the morning?
A Your car can be collected by us from anywhere in the Munich area, then taken via our tire depot and on to the drop-off agency (supplement 100 Eur).

Q How fast can I drive my vehicle once it is fitted with Winter tires?
A If it's safe and legal to do so, up to 130 MPH.

Q What happens if I get a flat tire or damage the wheels?
A You are responsible for returning the equipment undamaged although cover against unintentional damage to one wheel and one tire is included in the rental price.

Q With the change of wheels and tires, will the in-car Tire Pressure Monitor function?
A Yes, TPM sensors have been installed onto each individual wheel fitted with Winter tires. The I-Drive settings will require re-setting according to the car's manual.

Q If I am not dropping my car off at Munich is it still possible to rent Winter Tires?
A Usually, yes, at a supplement and at a limited number of drop-off cities in Germany by arrangement with us prior to collection. Your own wheels & tires are delivered to your drop-off location and our Winter tires and wheels are brought back to our depot.

Q Is it still possible to rent Winter tires without having made an advance reservation?
A Subject to availability, yes. On-line reservations are accepted, subject to availability, up to 24 hours prior. Later than that, call Annette, our local representative.

Q Is there anywhere I can wash my vehicle when returning the Winter tires to your depot?
A Conveniently, there is an excellent car-washing facility immediately opposite the tire depot!