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Road conditions are always less predictable in Winter than during the rest of the year, irrespective of whether it is snowy, icy or just wet - there is always less grip on the surface. Winter tires are not just snow tires - they are designed to displace water passing under the tire and therefore reduce the risk of aquaplaning. They also have deeper tread than regular tires and grip far better on snow. They are made of special silica rubber compounds, better adapted to the cold and enable better braking. Basically, Winter tires improve driving safety in all of Winter's atmospheric conditions including fine or heavy rain, very dry but cold weather, sleet, snow and extremely low temperatures.

It is therefore highly recommendable to fit Winter tires to any vehicle that will be driven on European roads that are subject to snowy and icy conditions. It is imperative to fit Winter tires if driving in the alpine regions of Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, France or Scandinavian countries between the months of October and the end of April. Without them, a vehicle will not only be a danger to its own occupants but also to other road-users and its use possibly against the law, resulting in fines and/or possible seizing.

ED WINTERTIRES (that's E-D as in European Delivery!) offer a rental program - in fact the only rental program available anywhere - that is fully authorized by BMW in Munich and specially designed for their European Delivery customers. Buyers of vehicles factory-fitted with wheels that have Summer tires or M+S tires on can temporarily fit replacement wheels fitted with Winter tires, so that they can enjoy a safer vacation. A full set of Run-flat Winter tires, fitted with Tire Pressure Monitors and mounted on alloy wheels, can be rented for any duration either at our depot in Ismaning or at BMW Welt (at a supplement). The factory-fitted wheels with Summer tires are removed and replaced with ones fitted with Winter tires. The original wheels are safely stored inside our depot and then re-mounted onto the vehicle at the end of the rental period. From our depot it is then just a 15-minute' drive to the LOG IN OUT Drop-Off Agency at Munich Airport. Alternative arrangements can be made for customers dropping their cars off at other locations.

Arrangements should be pre-booked, using the on-line reservation form.