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Driving in the Alps with Summer tires in wintry conditions is not only a severe risk to you, your passengers and your new vehicle, but in the event of an accident in Germany, Switzerland, France or Italy you would almost certainly considered to be at fault. In Austria, the law now requires cars to be fitted with Winter tires if they are being driven on roads that have snow or ice on them and the police there are not only fining drivers who do not comply but are often not allowing them to complete their journeys.
If you are collecting a new BMW from Munich this Winter and then touring through Europe, you now have the opportunity to enjoy a safer vacation by having replacement alloy wheels, already fitted with Run-Flat Winter tires suitable for your vehicle type, fitted to your car in minutes.
Leave your own set of wheels and Summer tires safely stored with us and, prior to dropping off your car at the shipping company, have them re-fitted at no extra cost!
The additional safety of driving with Winter tires in Alpine countries between October and May is considerable and the extra cost is surprisingly reasonable.
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